Update COVID-19/Corona Virus Bloom boeketten:Alle afhaalpunten met uitzondering van De Republiek zijn terug open. Ook op de boerderij kunnen altijd boeketten opgehaald worden op afspraak. Alle voorschriften ivm hygiëne en preventie worden in acht genomen.


Peony.be started as a common project of Koen Hurtekant, cutflower grower, and Ruth Selleslaghs, organic farmer at Bloom, both of them situated in Belgium. Koen has been working with peonies for many years; next to his cutflower business he is also an avid paeonia hybridizer and peony lover who has grown hundreds of different varieties. 

There had always been some demand for the plants, but due to time constraints resulting from his cutflower business, it had not been possible to market them properly. Therefore he agreed with Ruth Selleslaghs to relocate most of them to her organic farm in Ichtegem, where she could grow them on to sell to interested gardeners. In 2016 the first peonies were planted and have been grown organically since then. In 2017 and 2018 more varieties have been added, so that the total number of varieties now surpasses 300. A selection of these is available as bare roots every year in Autumn.

No pesticides nor chemical fertilizers are used on the farm. 

Peony roots are shipped in october/november 2020

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